Rhodes & Williams Insurance


UI/UX Design
Website Design/Development
Content Strategy/SEO
Customer Lifecycle Management
MarTech-Marketing Automation
Data Integration
Data Science

As part of the company’s digital strategy and transformation, the assignment included a complete overhaul of both back-end and front-end website design and build plus creating a new, more efficient way to communicate with current customers and prospects. The site was built with seamless integrations into third party technologies, and provided the ability to effectively manage the administration of the website content without technical staff.

As is typical of insurance brokerages, the company’s customer interaction was mainly face-to-face, phone calls, direct mail, and transactional email. We helped to harness the power of customer and prospect data to create a lifecycle management program to produce a stronger customer retention and acquisition program. The digital transformation initiative continues to yield outstanding results, surpassing industry benchmarks with multiple overarching benefits.